November 11, 2018

Hosting: Sherrill, Tory, and Lisa

Month Project Offering
January Tennyson Center – Operation Santa 284
January Women’s Homelessness Initiative – In-Kind 80
February Disciples Mission Fund – Week of Compassion 370
February Colorado Village Collaborative – In-Kind 376
March Colorado Village Collaborative – Cash 355
April Disciples Mission Fund – Easter 547
April Dining Out For Life 523
May Disciples Mission Fund – Pentecost 325
June Disciples Mission Fund – Week of Compassion – Keep Families Together 510
July LGBTQ+ Alliance 510
July Colorado Village Collaborative – Build Doretta’s Tiny Home 5645
July Courage Classic 600
August Fireside Legacy Fund Extra Offering – CC Foundation 300
August Alzheimer’s Walk 635
September Disciples Mission Fund – Reconciliation 400
October Tennyson Center – Denver Dinner 6200
November Thanksgiving Baskets 45
November Disciples Mission Fund – Thanksgiving 325
December Disciples Mission Fund – Christmas  
  CRMR Mountain Top Offering (ongoing) 1100
  Fireside Legacy Fund – CC Foundation Deposits (ongoing)  
Total   19,130
  Fireside Legacy Fund Total – CC Foundation (ongoing) 6,645.18

Current Mission and Service Projects:

  • Colorado Village Collaborative – Build Doretta’s Tiny Home

Our Mission First Goal:

  • to be a church that acts on God’s overwhelming call to respond with compassion to the vulnerable
  • to educate ourselves and others about our life with undocumented people, refugees and immigrants and provide assistance as much as possible
  • to address issues of health care, disabilities and special needs children
  • to work for Human Rights for all people, including Muslims, Jews, other minority religions, women, LGBTQ, etc.
  • to remain committed to the poor, the hungry, the homeless, people with mental health issues, the uneducated, the weak, and the afraid.


  • Our November 11 gathering is at Sherrill’s house, 1601 Colorado Blvd.
  • Our November 25 gathering is cancelled due to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
  • Our December 9 gathering is at Sherrill’s house, 1601 Colorado Blvd.
  • Our December 23 gathering is at Debbie and Phil’s house, 671 Olathe Way, Aurora. We will share potluck.
  • Our next study will be a book of sermons, Preaching as Resistance: Voices of Hope Justice, and Solidarity; edited by Phil Snider. We’ll begin using this resource in January.
  • Another resource for a future time is A Bigger Table by John Pavlovitz.


  • Fireside will do advocacy work for the homeless in the form of a letter writing campaign asking that the permitting process for Tiny Home Villages be expedited, that attainable properties be identified, and that the pathway be cleared and barriers removed for both villages. Cheryl will write a letter on Fireside’s behalf. Denver residents will write personal letters, as well.
  • The recent sweeps of the homeless camps in Denver have left hundreds in need of coats, gloves, hats, and so forth. In addition to our Disciples Mission Fund offering for Christmas, we will provide these items for those in need in Denver and Aurora.
  • We will make one last push to Build Doretta’s Tiny Home(s) on Facebook with the goal of funding two homes by the end of the year!

 Joys and Concerns:

  • Sherrill’s friends, Laura and E, were visiting with us today.
  • Lisa has had a lot of good times with her family lately. She asks for prayers for her Uncle Bob.
  • Cookie broke her foot recently but is on the mend.
  • Cheryl had a good time with her family in Kansas City.
  • Cheryl’s friend is in remission.
  • One of Judy Champagne’s family members was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
  • Laura is grieving the loss of four family members and two friends this year.
  • Sherrill is joyful that Baby Elliot will be born soon but is grieving her break up with Karen.
  • Alice is back to work following her maternity leave. Phil and Debbie are watching Adler.
  • Laura will get her power chair in two weeks.
  • Elijah is back at school and doing better.
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