January 8, 2017

Hosting: Kathi and Cos

Month Project Offering
January Tennyson Center – Operation Santa 386.93
February Disciples Mission Fund – Week of Compassion  
April Disciples Mission Fund – Easter  
June Disciples Mission Fund – Pentecost  
September Disciples Mission Fund – Reconciliation  
October Tennyson Center – Denver Dinner  
November Disciples Mission Fund – Thanksgiving  
December Disciples Mission Fund – Christmas  
  CRMR Mountain Top Offering (ongoing) 100
  Fireside Legacy Fund – CC Foundation Deposits+Distribution 2017 (ongoing)  
Total   486.93
  Fireside Legacy Fund Total – CC Foundation (ongoing) 4522.20

Current Mission and Service Projects:

  • Operation Santa. Please have checks made out to Debbie. They’ll be collected at the Retreat on January 28. In the meantime, please email Debbie with the amount you plan to contribute so Sandra can ask for a shopping list.


  • We will not have a gathering on January 22.
  • Our retreat will be Saturday, January 28, at Evergreen Christian Church.
    • Cheryl has made lunch reservations, but will need the number of people planning to go out to lunch. Please email Cheryl by January 23 to be included in the count for lunch. (Richard, Cos, Kathi, Cheryl, Doretta, and Sandra responded that they would be doing lunch.)
    • Lisa volunteered to do communion.
    • Debbie and Sandra will do the sessions.
    • Cheryl will get the key.
    • Mission work planning: do we want to do hands on? What is the plan for 2017?
    • Special Offering: to go to Evergreen Christian Church
    • ECC has a new minister: Denny.
  • Richard let us know about a new play, “HIR”. We thought it would be nice to go as a group some Sunday in February.       Please let Sandra know by January 22 if you’d like to go and which Sundays you are available.
  • Dora Devan will be ordained Saturday, January 14, in Loveland. It was suggested that we invite her to come and talk with us about living in Alabama as a young Black during the 60’s.
  • Cheryl saw the new documentary, “I am Not Your Negro,” and suggested that maybe we see it as a group when it comes out.
  • There’s a Denver Woman’s March January 22. No further details available at the moment.


  • Most of our time was spent getting caught up.

 Joys and Concerns:

  • It is a concern that Doretta’s daughter’s husband’s (Mark) mother was found unresponsive Friday (1/6/17) in Dallas. At this time, she is on full life-support. She is still working as a nurse at 82. (Update: she was found right outside the hospital where she works, so attention was given to her very quickly. She’s also off life-support and apparently doing well considering what happened to her.)
  • It is a concern for Lisa that South Broadway CC is going through an emotional process regarding Mark’s relationship with SBCC. Lisa asked for prayers for that process and the leadership.
  • It is a concern for Kathi’s oldest sister, Karen (whose husband recently died) has a grandson, EJ, who has been in and out of a treatment center. The insurance company has reached its financial limit with treatment, so that has ended. He has been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Syndrome and can be a danger to others and to himself and really needs treatment.
  • It is a concern that Cos’s mother has been placed in a home in Illinois. Cos’ concern is that it’s not clear what his mother’s end-of-life wishes are, whether or not they’ve been paid for, etc.
  • It is a joy that the kids are going back to school tomorrow…..
  • It is a joy for Cheryl and Doretta that Sarah (Doretta’s granddaughter) and Stanley (her dog) are still staying with them and that things are going well.
  • It is a joy for Doretta that she has a medical appointment on Thursday for chronic pain.
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