August 26, 2018

Hosting: Phil and Debbie

Month Project Offering
January Tennyson Center – Operation Santa 284
January Women’s Homelessness Initiative – In-Kind 80
February Disciples Mission Fund – Week of Compassion 370
February Colorado Village Collaborative – In-Kind 376
March Colorado Village Collaborative – Cash 355
April Disciples Mission Fund – Easter 547
April Dining Out For Life 523
May Disciples Mission Fund – Pentecost 325
June Disciples Mission Fund – Week of Compassion – Keep Families Together 510
July LGBTQ+ Alliance 510
July Colorado Village Collaborative – Build Doretta’s Tiny Home 5645
July Courage Classic 600
August Fireside Legacy Fund Extra Offering – CC Foundation 300
August Alzheimer’s Walk
September Disciples Mission Fund – Reconciliation
October Tennyson Center – Denver Dinner
November Disciples Mission Fund – Thanksgiving
December Disciples Mission Fund – Christmas
CRMR Mountain Top Offering (ongoing) 800
Fireside Legacy Fund – CC Foundation Deposits (ongoing)
Total 11,225
Fireside Legacy Fund Total – CC Foundation (ongoing) 6,645.18

Current Mission and Service Projects:

  • Colorado Village Collaborative – Build Doretta’s Tiny Home

 Our Mission First Goal:

  • to be a church that acts on God’s overwhelming call to respond with compassion to the vulnerable
  • to educate ourselves and others about our life with undocumented people, refugees and immigrants and provide assistance as much as possible
  • to address issues of health care, disabilities and special needs children
  • to work for Human Rights for all people, including Muslims, Jews, other minority religions, women, LGBTQ, etc.
  • to remain committed to the poor, the hungry, the homeless, people with mental health issues, the uneducated, the weak, and the afraid.


  • Our September 9 gathering will be at Sherrill’s house, 1601 Colorado Blvd., Denver. Cole Chandler from Colorado Village Collaborative will be our speaker.
  • Our September 30 gathering will be at Bruce’s house, 2040 Hooker St. #H, Denver. We will share potluck.
  • Our October 14 gathering is at Lisa’s house.
  • Our October 28 gathering is at Debbie and Phil’s house, 671 Olathe Way, Aurora. We will share potluck, and Shelley McKittrick from the City of Aurora will be our speaker.


  • We watched and discussed two video/audio pieces today: aTED Talk – A Penny Made Me Feel Like a Millionaire, and a story on Colorado Public Radio about the Colorado Village Collaborative.

Joys and Concerns:

  • Zack, the child from Fort Morgan Christian Church whose parents we supported with food, is in high school now!
  • Kaye Murphey is recovering slowly from her stroke.
  • Lisa’s Uncle Bob is receiving chemo for pancreatic cancer. Aunt Pat had cancer, too, and is struggling to eat.
  • Lisa’s dad is coming for a visit – both a joy and a concern.
  • It was a joy to have Darrell with us today! His friend, Jim, is undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Cheryl’s friend, Betty, is coming for a visit!
  • Friday is Karen’s 45th birthday! She’s celebrating her own clean bill of health, as well as her dad’s recent positive reaction to antidepressants; he’s feeling much better!
  • Donna Killen, a member of Evergreen Christian Church passed away unexpectedly. Her memorial service is September 15 in Evergreen.
  • Alice and Philly B were here with Adler!
  • Tory’s sister, Cookie, is doing well and has returned to teaching this fall!
  • Sherrill is now mentoring a 17-year-old writer, a relationship that brings her joy; however, her family dynamics continue to bring her sadness and frustration.
  • Bailey is beginning his last semester of high school!
  • Aiden and Olivia made it safely back to school following their long drive from Alaska to Iowa!
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