April 22, 2018

Hosting: Kathi and Cos

Month Project Offering
January Tennyson Center – Operation Santa 284
January Women’s Homelessness Initiative – In-Kind 80
February Disciples Mission Fund – Week of Compassion 370
February Colorado Village Collaborative – In-Kind (ongoing) 376
March Colorado Village Collaborative – Cash (ongoing) 355
March Women’s Homelessness Initiative – In-Kind  
April Disciples Mission Fund – Easter 547
April Dining Out For Life  
May Women’s Homelessness Initiative – In-Kind  
May Disciples Mission Fund – Pentecost  
July LGBTQ+ Alliance  
July Women’s Homelessness Initiative – In-Kind  
September Disciples Mission Fund – Reconciliation  
September Women’s Homelessness Initiative – In-Kind  
October Tennyson Center – Denver Dinner  
November Women’s Homelessness Initiative – In-Kind  
November Disciples Mission Fund – Thanksgiving  
December Disciples Mission Fund – Christmas  
  CRMR Mountain Top Offering (ongoing) 400
  Fireside Legacy Fund – CC Foundation Deposits (ongoing)  
Total   2412
  Fireside Legacy Fund Total – CC Foundation (ongoing) 6,645.18

Current Mission and Service Projects:

  • Women’s Homelessness Initiative, January 20, March 17, May 19, July 21, September 15, November 17
  • Colorado Village Collaborative

 Our Mission First Goal:

  • to be a church that acts on God’s overwhelming call to respond with compassion to the vulnerable
  • to educate ourselves and others about our life with undocumented people, refugees and immigrants and provide assistance as much as possible
  • to address issues of health care, disabilities and special needs children
  • to work for Human Rights for all people, including Muslims, Jews, other minority religions, women, LGBTQ, etc.
  • to remain committed to the poor, the hungry, the homeless, people with mental health issues, the uneducated, the weak, and the afraid.


  • Our April 22 gathering will be at Cos and Kathi’s house. We will share potluck and watch “Jesus Christ Superstar.”
  • April 26 is Dining Out For Life. Cos and Kathi will be ambassadors during lunch at Great Scotts in Broomfield.
  • Our May 6 gathering will be at Sherrill’s house. We may start discussing Evicted.
  • Our May 20 gathering will be at Cos and Kathi’s house. We will share potluck and finish watching “Jesus Christ Superstar.”
  • Our June 10 gathering will be at Sherrill’s house.
  • After getting Doretta’s blessing, we will put together a Go Fund Me (or similar) campaign to raise money to purchase a Tiny Home in Doretta’s honor. More details to follow!


  • We watched the first half of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” We will finish the video on May 20 and discuss it at that time.

 Joys and Concerns:

  • Lisa is looking forward to family time with her children, Tom, Lucy, and Natalie, as they celebrate the life of Lisa’s late husband over the weekend of May 18-20.
  • Doretta is enjoying visits from friends and family, though it’s important to take time out for naps.
  • Cheryl is very grateful for all the love poured out on Doretta and herself during this journey, and she’s very grateful to be with Fireside this afternoon.
  • Lisa’s daughter is going to walk in her graduation ceremony after all. She’ll be receiving her associates degree on May 10!
  • Karen is currently in the emergency room receiving treatment for a blood clot.
  • Sherrill will have an MRI on Friday to determine to what degree her brain surgery worked. She’s still having more memory loss and vision issues than typical following this surgery.
  • Claire and Cheryl got to go see Aladdin for half price yesterday!
  • Cheryl’s friend, Pat, has ovarian cancer and has just suffered a stroke.
  • South Broadway will have an O & A conversation very soon.
  • Ray and Amanda have visited Doretta and may be interested in coming to Fireside.
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